Foxster1307's latest avatar- 7/9/11 Username: Foxster1307 DOB: 13th July Status: Epic Member No Of Posts: 1390

General Information==

Foxster1307 is a normal member on the Forum, he writes lots of Fanfics and gets involved with Fanfic series regularly and is a regular poster in the Series 6, Fanfic and General Chat sections but he can be found generally browsing all sections on the forum quite a lot of the time, especcially on weekends.

His official status is member but he made a comment on Wednesday 7th September 2011 in General Chat, with the words ' I AM EPIC MEMBER'. The meaning of this is yet unknown but The Evening Forum Press have already published a issue on it


Foxster1307 arrived on the forum on 8 Jan 2011,visiting it in the times of Vending Machine, browsing it occasionally and not really posting. Then in Early April 2011 he arrived on the Forum in the lead up to Series 6A's Brodcast and started Posting and disucssing things with other members.

By the time Day of the Moon had aired, he was a regular member and ever since has been posting away and in the Fanfic Section began to post some of his own stories. He was a regular member at this point,but not one of the most recognised.

He started to become more involved with the forum and by the time A Good Man Goes to War had aired, his posts could be seen spread across the forum. He also got involved in some of the flame wars which he regrets and made many friends with lots of members.

In August 2011 he became quite active in he Fanfic Section and got involved in lots of fanfics like Remember Me and Light Versus Dark and also in this month was somehow logged out but recovered his password the next day,he also was involved in a argument in the Gillanists thread in DWT Chat which is now non exsitent and a Flame war spread.

In the next few weaks of what Foxster1307 calls ' The DWT War Period' Lots of Arguments broke out, 2ith members banned and Old Mods brought back, Foxster1307 got involved in a lot of theese but then after one big argument posted a topic in General Chat to try stop them and also posted that he would try to stop getting involved

September 2011 OnwardsEdit

In September 2011, he got involved with the Amazing Fanfic series Fallen Stars