Leadworth stories is a Fanfic Series written by Foxster1307,who writes all of series one which begins at the end of september 2011 and ends in January 2012. There are six episodes with a clifffhanger to split the series and a xmas special in the middle.The series is about what Amy and Rory did back in Leadworth while the doctor searched for Melody.

A second series is expected but no conformation will be made until the first series is over.


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Amy Pond-Karen Gillian

Rory Williams-Arthur Darvill

Mels- Nina Toussaint-White

Jeff Angelo- Tom Hopper

Daniel Sudderton - Ben Davies

Fiona Sudderton-Martha Fitzpatrick

TBA- Sue Johnston


. In the Prequel to Episode One, Amy says they have been back in Leadworth for One week after Demon's Run

.In the Prequel to Episode One,Rory Mentions Commander Strax, Vastra and Jenny from [http:// DW: A Good Man Goes To War]

. In the Prequel to Episode One, Amy tells Rory that Mels has been Arrested for Fraud. This ties in with how the police chased her and she met the doctor in Let's Kill Hitler.

.Jeff Angelo returns, he was last seen in DW:The Eleventh Hour, Mels also returns who was seen in DW: Let's Kill Hitler which takes place after the events of theese stories.