Master of the Mansion was originally part of Fallen Stars but is now a standalone adventure. It was confirmed to still air on Forum on September 18th 2011, it is thought to air sometime in october but no offficial air date has been confirme


In New York City,The Doctor gives Amy and Rory tickets to check in at a hotel for a break, while he does some important stuff.

Once inside the Hotel Amy and Rory meet Mr Smith,who then accompanies them on a terryfing journey of Fear,because someone or something is using Fear as a weapon and it's not just in New York,but across the entire world.

Eventually Amy,Rory and Mr Smith come to a Mansion,in this Mansion is the answers to all their questions but first they must play the game of fear...


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. There are similaraties in this episode to the episode DW:The God Complex, both are set in a hotel,but writer Foxster1307 set partially in a hotel and not for long,both involve people been haunted by their fear but more so in this episode and both feature apperances from the weeping angels but again more so in this episode

Aliens and EnemiesEdit

. Weeping Angels

. Dalek